SOCIAL OPEN AND INCLUSIVE INNOVATION NON PROFIT CIVIL COMPANY (INCLUSINN) vision is to promote research and innovation in the context of achieving the vision of the green deal and the circular economy and to highlight and utilize innovative techniques, technologies, practices along with companies that seek systemic change and progress in society.

Who we are

The aim is to adopt open innovation practices and processes in order to highlight how digital technologies can contribute to society resulting in a significant impact. Open innovation mainly includes activities that ensure the sustainability of society but also those that are needed for enlargement, escalation and dissemination and diffusion in larger populations. These include designing business models that focus on providing incentives and means for people to mobilize and engage actively in innovative activities. This approach, which encourages a massive, bottom-up and open social innovation, contributes to the rapid achievement of social impact and long-term sustainability.

What we do

INCLUSINN provides a wide range of services to its clients. We highlight the most important aspects of our services below; however, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can best address them:


INCLUSINN provides consulting and ongoing support services to innovative companies that wish to be active in particular and not limited to green entrepreneurship and the circular economy, through the development and dissemination of successful results and experiences, with the ultimate goal of maintaining, expanding and multiplying their impact on society and at the same time encouraging social groups to develop their own initiatives that contribute to achieving green and circular economy goals.


INCLUSINN supports the innovative actions taken by start-ups, small and medium enterprises for the diffusion and dissemination of their activity in different conditions and diverse targeted population and social groups. It promotes networking with national and international organizations for the exchange of experiences and the development of initiatives to achieve common goals. It provides services for the design, management and evaluation of proposals for the implementation of European, national and other programs that promote and finance innovative ideas and practices.


INCLUSINN provides evaluation services, research conceptualisation and project management, and search for funding schemes to subsidise innovative ideas with an emphasis on the green and circular economy. It carries out participatory processes and activities in which population and social groups are given the opportunity to collaborate and participate in the achievement of goals of common interest. It promotes scientific, technological, sociological, economic and political knowledge of all forms and at all levels.


We acknowledge our social and environmental responsibility and ensure that we adhere with applicable guidelines.

Contact Us


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